Immaculate Eclipse

by Nott

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released December 22, 2015



all rights reserved


Nott Brescia, Italy

Nott is Mortifero's one man band.
Nott is serving Death since 2002.

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Track Name: Ultimate Seal
an ominous sign

back is the disease from the abyss
ravenous claws protracted
snatching weak lives

ultimate seal was dissolved
revelation of death was proclaimed

black messengers of the void

poisoning the air
with piercing cries of pain
defenseless human swarming
in search of salvation

ultimate seal was dissolved
revelation of death was proclaimed

i stay here inebriated

blessed be this destruction
the earth will be renewed
and cleansed from human pollution
Track Name: Immaculate Eclipse
meaning deprived from holy symbols
sacred images dragged into the mud
acolytes fledding in serch of saviour
prayers rise in the shadows

god of men - obscured

temples ruin in timeless dephts
what once was the divine law
now is erased from every mind
the void has taken over

immaculate eclipse

god of men - obscured

seraphic decay
blessed atrophy
virtous decrepitude
sublime depravity

immaculate eclipse
Track Name: The Undertaker
all that is born, dies
everything that appears, disappears
death is the most absolute
certainty of all
a dead horse crawls the path
its bones stick out from his dry skin like leather
maggots ooze from the injuries
sewing disease as they fall
rusty scythe cracked by the blows
of countless battles
the burden of piety has been forgotten
and human weakness of human beings
the rain falls hard at dusk,
the highway is dark
cold wind sends the shivers through the spine
undercover route of the damned
twisting through the forest towards the raging sea
a storm is unleashed, the angel of death has been called
the corpse gets out of the chamber
rictus scream, the horror of death
the god of terror leads to
the definite departure into the unknown
powered by the force of the stars
and with the permission of the devil
everything that appears, dies
Track Name: Doomed Ruins
sun lies obscured
and light is swallowed
deeper into the abyss
sky is tinged with red

stars ruin on earth

soil wildly shaken
earthquake disrupts the landscape
air gets poisoned
disease meanders among the living

a world in ruins

where the snakes find refuge
wicked and holy
lie in the same grave

reigning putrefaction
eternal oblivion
banners of death are raising
malign rite is fulfilled

assembly is dissolved
abandon to your doom
Track Name: Devoid Of Colours
all that i can see is an endless grey horizon
enharred my soul in dystopic dreams
separated from the edge of chaotic self
lost in deafening oceans of white noise:
traumatic voyage with no return
absurd sphere of existence
forgotten as mysteries unbound

mental castration...
devoid of colours...

dispersive abomination
dissolution of all purpose and meanings
morpheus tyranny something hypnagogic
heals my morbid addiction to life
subversing all evil into void

devoid of colours
Track Name: Warpsalm
ashes of human parasites
sweet is this vision of death
i drink the cup of sorrow
the sorrow of mankind

your blood is mine
i drink in your skull


black vultures swirling in the sky
following the stench of the carnage
feasting on dead hopes
where is your saviour

litanies of destruction
prayers of death


fall to your knees and die
Track Name: Rite Of Passage
i perceive the icy fingers
phalanges snatch my flesh
pain is weakening
paralyzed i feel the end
Rite of passage

the light dims, darkness falls
i feel her eyes looking at me
that bore even more solid marble
the eyes of the abyss

the rite of passage
life and death are entwined
death and life soak in
all is accomplished

rite of passage

the rite of passage
life and death are entwined
death and life soak in
all is accomplished
Track Name: Circle Of Fate
the evil spirit is among us,
what has been confided
is guarded into unconsciousness

the circle is closed
the glint of madness
recalls bestiality

evil goodness
longing mortality

trembling and consumed bodies
enveloped by the smell of death
overshadowed by the revelation

the flames are waiting for us

evil goodness
longing mortality
Track Name: Flaming End
an everlasting burning fire
the fiery throne reigns inflexible

at the center of all that be
he gives life and death

divine light purifying fire

the human mind can not grasp
thy mystery

burning tongues dance and consume
all that they attain to lick

a fiery shroud blazes everywhere
sublime ardent vision

divine light purifying fire

we will be swallowed into the flames
only then we will join our fathers